Lileys, your new VA!

reliable, sound, in time

What is a VA?


Let me do the things, that hold you back from doing the things you do best!


I have 10 years of experience in assisting business owners in their office work. I have a media and cultural studies and a business degree. I am a native german and fluent english speaker.


I will provide e-mail support and do everything I can to attend to your needs. Communication is my passion and I firmly believe in fully comprehending your tasks in order to achieve your satisfaction. Throughout the years of my experience as an assitant I have managed to hone skills that are very close to my personality and that I consider essential to quality assistant service, such as patience, attentiveness, clarity, positive attitude, time management, empathy, calmness, promptitude and persuasiveness. I am experienced in writing compelling and appropriate content for blogs, tweets and Facebook posts. I am always willing to learn and will fully familiarize myself with your work in order to provide the best possible support to you.


I am pretty flexible with respect to working hours. Deadlines are sacred for me and I will review your content as many times as it takes for it to exceed your expectations!


I am a full-time freelancer looking to work remotely to finance my travelling around the world starting in August 2018.


What can I do for you?


When you see a spreadsheet, your insides cringe? Your Email-Ibox is owerflowing and you always have the feeling, that you missed something? As a messy desk defines the artist your documents get lost in the universe of your server? And the last newsletter you sent is at least three months old and exactly where is the list with the adresses?

If you know at least one of these situations, you came to the right place: I can help you!


Getting lots of information organized, analyzed and useable for your business endeavours.




No email stays unanswered, clients get their information fast and accurat. Incoming emails are sorted in categories and subfolders.


Every day some news,

responding to comments,

filtering the chances.



You need someone to organize your event? Manage the guet list, the e-vites and time the course of action?







As I'm traveling around the world, I promise I will always read your email in the next 12 hours after sending and respond.


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